Senin, 23 April 2012

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My name qonita
I was born 20 years ago, exactly 31 May 1992.
so, my zodiac gemini. Here's a typical gemini zodiac according
Gemini happy to explore words, because he likes to talk. Always enjoy his life with love and happy, he also likes the freedom.
He likes to eat and sleep, so that they become lazy. But, if he had a job, then have to procejt must finish. Gemini likes to tell of his experiences to others
He possessed many friends, many people think that gemini like a butterfly, he has a positive energy and always make others happy.
In my opinion, typical gemini zodiac that tell us by not much different from my daily life, I like to eat and sleep, love freedom and want to always try to think positive.

Breaking News

Deputy Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy Nirwandar who are candidates for Chairman of the University of Padjadjaran IKA ready synergizing the entire 2012-2016 period and increase the role of the alumni alumnus Unpad become a world-class university. Nirwandar carried commissariat economics faculty had the vision to realize the IKA Unpad become more professional, communicative, have a spirit of initiative and contribute to real life. "Unpad to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. So the parent still Unpad. Alumni would like to contribute to advancing Unpad" Sapta said, Wednesday (4/4). According to him, during this significant contribution to the development Unpad creative economy of West Java through various activities. To realize that vision, the mission made the IKA Sapta Unpad as a forum for alumni who are professionals in their field, supported peraihan Unpad as a `World Class University, build integrity and character of the alumni Unpad in strengthening the existence of self and national development agencies in Indonesia.

Flushing " Dora The Explorer " Carnival Adventure
One day, Dora go to carnival in town. Firts, Dora must have ticket for Dora get play game in carnival and for she can treasure and do'nt forget, Dora take map. Because every where Dora, need map. First, Dora will play with sniper she input name in display Dora play ball in table, rival Dora swiper is wolf and Dora winner. Dora have 10 score. Dora play sled with money and cow and dora again the winner. Third play, both he is mongkey. He Dora friend's he love both.Both must take boot with machine, input boots, this are candy and diamond and also ticket and finnaly Dora have 18 ticket, and Dora can treasure, treasure Dora is be found shirt.

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